Pop star Justin Bieber popped an overzealous fan on the chin Tuesday night in Barcelona, and proof is going around the world, thanks to a video posted by TMZ.

It’s a far cry from the Zapruder footage, but more conclusive: The young Canadian is in the back of a black limo, window down, when a young man’s arm protrudes, rubbing the singer’s upper pectora until being bopped in the kisser.

Both fist-struck and star-struck, the fan paced for a bit, back and forth and back and forth, his mouth agape, blood staining his lips.

“He punched me,” the fan yelled in exasperated Spanish, pantomiming a punch to the audience that had formed around him. “I touched his face and he hit me.”

“Justin felt threatened and reacted in the best way he thought possible,” an unnamed source told Hollywood Life. “He doesn’t want to hurt his fans obviously but he thought the fan overstayed his welcome throwing his hand in his face and Justin had to protect himself.”

Neither Bieber nor his representatives, though, have offered an official statement about the incident as of early Wednesday morning.

While the video may be surprising, it’s far from shocking. Bieber has a history, as The Washington Post reported in its piece titled, “DUI drag-racing, felony egging, Anne Frank: A short history of Justin Bieber’s year of troublemaking.”

The quick act of violence came days after Bieber’s name filled the tabloids along with photos of his abs – on which he recently had the words “Son of God” scrawled in black ink.

One can’t help but think of rapper Nas’s famed ink across his own belly, reading “God’s Son,” when viewing the 22-year-old’s new tattoo.

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