BIDDEFORD — Southern Maine Health Center has released a list of babies born at the hospital from Feb. 24 to March 1.

Feb. 24, 2017; a boy, Blake Anthony Lannigan, to Shawn Lannigan and Angela Myott of Sanford. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are Robert Sr. and Joanne Myott of Sanford. Grandparent (Father’s side) is Susan Cunningham of Sanford.

Feb. 25, 2017; a girl, Madeline Roberta Nadeau, to Dustin Nadeau and Tiffany Delisle of Saco. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are Will and Shannon Harris of Dayton. Grandparents (Father’s side) are Robert and Kelley Nadeau of Saco.

Feb. 25, 2017; a girl, Elysse Joanne LeCain, to Nicholas and Selena (Caramihalis) LeCain of Shapleigh. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are John and Tammera Caramilhalis of Alfred. Grandparents (Father’s side) are Allen and Kelly LeCain of Bakersfield, California.

Feb. 26, 2017; a girl, Harper Elizabeth Crowley, to Craig Crowley and Kelsey (Carrier) Crowley of Poland. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are Michael Carrier and Sheila Conley-Grayson of  Biddeford. Grandparents (Father’s side) are Douglas Crowley of Georgetown, Massachusetts and Brenda Crowley of Biddeford.

Feb. 26, 2017; a girl, Kirra Ann Marino, to Joseph and Melody (Laidlaw) Marino of Biddeford. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are Carl Laidlaw and Jennifer Elizabeth of New Gloucester. Grandparents (Father’s side) are Guy and Theresa Lamontagne of Biddeford.

Feb. 26, 2017; a girl, Lillian Harper LaBier, to Joseph & Jennifer (Letze) LaBier of Sanford. Grandparents (Mother’s side) are David and Kerry Letze of Sanford. Grandparents (Father’s side) are William and Nyla LaBier of Sanford.

March 1, 2017; a boy, Mason Thomas Kimball, to Thomas Kimball and Kayley Langlais of Arundel. Grandparent (Mother’s side) is Angela Clarke of Westbrook. Grandparents (Father’s side) are Brad Kimball and Crystal Harrison of Arundel.