Marge Trowbridge supported Donald Trump as soon as he announced his candidacy.

“I thought we needed a change,” she says. “I just felt he was the right person.”

She acknowledges that he hasn’t been able to accomplish everything he set out to do in his first 100 days but says the problem is that he inherited a host of problems from the Obama administration.

“He walked into a mess, a real big mess,” she says, pointing to what she sees as problems with the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s immigration policies.

Trowbridge says that she would like to see Democrats and Republicans work together to support the president.

“Instead they’re at his neck, nipping and picking him, nipping and picking him,” she says. “I know there are people out there who still hate Trump. Show him a little respect.”

She approves of all the policies that Trump is trying to change, but in particular she would like him to deal with the drug crisis.

She says that the recovery and rehabilitation system needs to be addressed.

“Until we fix it, unfortunately a lot of people who are on drugs aren’t going to get the help they need,” she says.

Trowbridge says that she believes Trump will eventually be able to make good on his campaign promises.

“I think he’s going to do everything he’s said he’s going to do,” she says. “Rome wasn’t built overnight, and he can’t just do it in 100 days.”