There’s always a week or two during the summer that people wish they didn’t pick for their summer vacation and  those weeks where they wish they did.  The next seven days will rival any stretch of weather we’ve seen this summer for the best weather.  We are looking ahead to a period with plenty of sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures.

Dry weather will continue much of this week.

We do need rain along the coast of Maine.  Much of the shower activity has evaporated over the past month as its moved toward the Atlantic, but I won’t lament the dry ground too much.

What this is really about is great weather — and not just sorta great, either. This won’t be a week of blazing sunshine and unbearable heat where you can’t enjoy the clear skies. This is going to be a week with temperatures in the low to mid-80s much of the time, perfect for the beach, a hike, a round or two of golf or just pleasurably mowing the lawn.

Coastal Maine is forecast to have the least amount of rain over the next two weeks.

Dry weather this week may be interrupted by a shower or storm Thursday afternoon.

Low Humidity For Several Days

A nor’easter, which is missing most of New England on Saturday, will pull down dry air from Canada as it moves out to sea. This will provide sunny days and comfortable nights for sleeping, through Wednesday.  All isn’t completely perfect.  By Thursday a front will move east and bring the chance of a few showers. It’s way to early to say if this is a mostly sunny day with an hour or two of showers or a day with a lot of clouds. I am leaning toward a brief, not major, interruption in our fine stretch of weather.

Not Much Rainfall

The models do continue to advertise a mostly dry pattern for the first couple of weeks of August.

Rip Currents An Issue

Storms out over the ocean can and often do create rip currents at our local beaches.  While Saturday’s highs will only be in the lower 70s and you might not be inclined to swim, be aware of ocean conditions.

Rip currents could be a problem Saturday.

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