GARDINER — Every day, Shauna Drashcovich wakes up and hopes.

She hopes that she will hear something about her daughter, Megan Gregory.

She hopes that Gregory, who turned 28 less than two weeks after she was last seen, comes back willing to let her parents help her.

Police say the last verified sighting of Gregory occurred on June 5 in Augusta.

Shauna and Michael Drashcovich have since learned that someone saw her on June 6, getting into an SUV outside the Edwards House Inn on Water Street in Augusta. Police have not been able to verify that, and no one knows which way the vehicle went.

The Drashcoviches, who had been estranged from Gregory since January, found out that she disappeared only when her distraught boyfriend came to tell them a day after he last saw her, and that’s when they called police.

“We don’t know what led her to this point,” Shauna Drashcovich said.

When Gregory was growing up, she said, her daughter was happy, outgoing and social. She loved her three brothers and adventure. Her love of animals emerged early, and growing up in Florida, she had a lot of pets.

Gregory’s most distinctive feature is her bright blue eyes. When she was last seen, her hair was blond and styled in long dreadlocks. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Gregory had been married briefly to someone she’d gone to high school with, and she had been taking cocaine.

“She got mixed up in the wrong setting,” Shauna Drashcovich said. “She chose to change that setting and she came up here to change her life around.”

On Tuesday, Gregory will have been gone three months.

Augusta police Detective Christopher Guay said Gregory is considered transient because she had no permanent address and was couch surfing with friends in the area. She worked in Augusta briefly before her disappearance.

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