The Lisbon Democratic Committee will caucus Sunday to select a candidate for the Maine House District 56 representing Lisbon in November.

The special election will fill the seat left vacant earlier this month by the sudden death of Rep. Gina Mason, who was elected to her first term in the Legislature last November. Her term expires in 2018.

Democrat Committee Chairwoman

Lisa Ward had volunteered with Mason, a Republican, and served with Mason on the Lisbon Town Council.

“On top of all the other things she did, she was a well-loved woman,” Ward said. “Gina was willing to make sacrifices to serve our town. I’ve seen it in a lot of people. They care about Lisbon and they care about people here.”

Lisbon Republicans were expected to caucus Tuesday to choose a candidate. It was announced recently that Mason’s husband, Rick Mason, would run for the seat.

Lisbon Democrats will caucus at 10 a.m. at the Lisbon town office.

“We have one very strong candidate who is looking to enter the race and a couple more good possibilities,” Ward said.

Ward has announced the candidacy of Scott Gaiason, the Democrat who ran against Mason in 2016.

“To get Augusta to listen to working people, we need to start sending working people to Augusta,” Gaiason said in a press release issued by Ward on Tuesday night.

Gaiason plans to run as a Clean Elections candidate and has started a Facebook page to keep voters updated.

Still, anyone could be nominated at the special caucus Sunday, where nominees can make their case before an election by secret ballot.

Registered voters who are unaffiliated Independents can also attend to observe or join the Democratic Party and participate in the caucus.

Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Independent candidates must circulate petitions and obtain the signatures of at least 50 registered voters in House District 56. The deadline to submit the petitions to the Secretary of State is also Oct. 3, and signatures must be certified by the town of Lisbon first.

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