MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Jay Cutler said concussions are something he knows have to be taken seriously, and that he knows they can get trickier to deal with over time.

The Miami Dolphins (4-6) have plenty of problems, and the status of their starting quarterback is now among the foremost entries on that list.

Cutler got a concussion – at least his third since 2010 – in a 30-20 loss Sunday to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and now a reeling team has a big question to deal with as it prepares to visit the New England Patriots next week.

It was not a game to remember for Cutler, who was picked off three times in the first half and was slow to get up after taking a big hit from defensive end Ryan Russell just before halftime. He stayed in for the final play of the half but didn’t return for the second half.

THE NFL has extended its commitment to Mexico by announcing that the league will play a game there each year from 2019-21.

The agreement was announced shortly before the Oakland Raiders took on the New England Patriots in Mexico City in the second game of a three-year deal that expires after next season.

The league did not specify where the games from the new agreement will be played or what teams will participate. There’s a new stadium in Monterrey that could host a game.

There also has been no announcement about which teams will play in Mexico next season.