The Maine Municipal Association says members are getting increasing complaints about the smell of marijuana, an observation shared by some police departments.

In a report filed by WGME’s Marissa Bodnair, Augusta police said out of 20 marijuana-related calls so far in 2017, 13 have been about the odor. Lewiston police said their calls logs show more than 50.

The problem is especially acute in the dense neighborhoods of the city’s downtown, said Lewiston Lt. David St. Pierre.

Municipalities and landlords of rental units say the issue is complicated. Some municipal managers think land use rules could potentially address neighborhood odor complaints.

On the state level, a set of rules to regulate Maine’s new legal adult-use industry failed to win approval this fall after Gov. Paul LePage vetoed it and lawmakers failed to override the veto.

It’s unclear whether new efforts to regulate legal recreational marijuana will contain specific provisions related to nuisance odors.

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