Waterboro Fire Capt. Tom Langevin rescued 4-year-old Dakota, a Golden retriever that fell through thin ice on Little Ossipee Lake Wednesday morning. Dressed in ice water rescue gear, and securely tethered by a rope, Langevin said he managed to rescue the dog without incident. Dakota had been in the cold lake for about 20 minutes, and was very tired, Langevin said. He was returned to his happy owner, Linda Park, and by later in the day, was reported to be rested and doing well. Park said after he was rescued, Dakota sat in front of the fire for about two hours, and then had a bowl of doggie ice cream. Fire Chief Matt Bors said the rescue was a good test of cold water rescue training. As well, Waterboro Fire Department is cautioning folks that the ice on ponds and lakes is not safe.

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