Systems Engineering, a leading IT strategy and managed services provider, was founded in 1988 in Portland. From its humble beginnings 30 years ago, the company has grown into a thriving Maine-based business that employs more than 150 people and services hundreds of small- to medium- sized companies in various sectors, including financial, healthcare, legal, and non-profit, throughout New England.

In April 2017, Systems Engineering expanded to Manchester, N.H., its first office outside Maine. In October, the company announced that longtime employee Matt McGrath would become president, the third in the company’s history.

“My team and I will be responsible for accelerating the long-term growth of the company for the benefit of our employee-owners and ESOP participants, while never losing sight of our commitment and focus to providing our clients superior engineering and excellent customer service,” McGrath said.

Delivering engineering excellence and superior customer service has been the company’s mission from its first days. Systems Engineering is committed to supporting an outstanding workplace and to securing the most advanced technical employees and certifications to ensure excellent performance.

Systems Engineering’s comprehensive services and solutions range from network design implementation, installation and monitoring, to managed services, consulting, information security, governance and compliance, cloud services, and outsourced IT solutions.

The staff includes network engineers, managed security professionals, project managers and account managers, all with a deep understanding of today’s complex technology environment and the challenges it creates for businesses.

Employee-owned and operated

Always forward-thinking, Systems Engineering transitioned from a founder-run company to an employee-owned and team-led one in 2008.

“We embarked on a truly original path, and one that most companies in Maine weren’t considering when we established ourselves as an ESOP. The trend is much more common today in Maine,” said Craig Tribuno, the company’s current CEO and Chairman of the Board and the man behind the ESOP transition.

Systems Engineering’s culture is based on service, and that is why becoming an ESOP has worked so well for it. While many firms encourage their employees to think like owners, employees at Systems Engineering are truly owners and live it every day.

Because Systems Engineering is dedicated to motivating and rewarding employees for their commitment to the company’s mission and its customers, employee retention has averaged 90 percent annually since 2011.

Information technology evolution

Over the last 30 years, the Information Technology (IT) industry has changed dramatically, and it continues to evolve daily. Organizations must progress to remain competitive. Systems Engineering has continuously emerged as a responsive, dependable and extraordinary company working closely with an array of businesses to help them grow as their technology and business needs evolve.

Businesses were once considered “advanced” if they had desktop computers on each desk with a dot matrix printer attached via hard wire. Today, if businesses are not utilizing cloud-based applications like Microsoft Office 365, it won’t be long before they migrate.

Adapting and deploying sophisticated IT solutions that make it easier to communicate with customers and allow internal teams to collaborate and operate productively from remote locations is critical for today’s businesses.

But as companies embrace this mobility trend, security must be a top priority. Systems Engineering has certified engineers in place to migrate and support organizations that want to work in a sophisticated and secure cloud-based environment. Systems Engineering can help guide, support, secure, and move business to the cloud.

As IT continues to evolve, businesses must also have increasingly stringent security parameters in place to help ward off cyberattacks and prevent data breaches.

Cybersecurity defense requires top talent

Cybersecurity is a hot topic today, with data breaches being reported in the news frequently. Unfortunately, no single “silver bullet” is going to stop hackers from trying to access a company’s network.

To help businesses protect proprietary information, Systems Engineering’s in-house IT security team has in-depth experience and actively monitors and defends customers’ networks from threats. The team oversees a host of security services, from live threat capture and management to security awareness training for today’s workforce.

“As cybersecurity becomes more prevalent, and as we grow as a company, it is increasingly important to have a pipeline that produces skilled professionals,” noted McGrath noted.

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