“He leads me beside the still waters; he restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3

Fresh Water

Sometimes fresh, clean water is hard for birds to find, and you can make a bird’s day simply by offering a drink and a bath. Water will often attract more species of birds than feeders will, and my backyard is alive these days with a variety of colorful birds that come to my birdbath.

Water is essential to life on earth.

Without it every living thing would die. It is cleansing, cooling, thirstquenching and just plain fun to splash around in. And what is more refreshing than a hot shower or a good soak in the bathtub after a hard day’s work? Our lives are centered around water. Communities form around bodies of water, and in biblical days the village wells served as social gathering places for both men and women alike. It is not only cleansing but soothing. Merely looking at a large expanse of water, or listening to the sound of a running stream or the ocean surf can give us a feeling of calmness and well-being. Our souls are reborn in the waters of baptism, and we are received into the household of God, and given new life in the spirit. So let us give thanks to God for blessing us with refreshing and life-giving water.

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