Summer car care is not just about keeping the A/C blasting. It’s about keeping your vehicle running like the well-oiled machine it should be.

Here’s a quick and easy rundown on what needs checking.

A/C SYSTEM: If your vehicle isn’t getting as cool as usual, or if cooling is inconsistent, take it to a dealer. To restore peak operation, remaining refrigerant should be removed and new refrigerant added.

ENGINE COOLANT: Coolant should be changed once a year. If you’re unsure when it was last changed, do it with your next oil change.

TIRES: Check tire pressure about once a month. For optimal wear, have tires rotated every other oil change.

FUEL SYSTEM: For top MPG, have your fuel system checked – and possibly cleaned – during a tune-up or new fuel filter installation. Our service department will inform if you need a new filter, so your engine gets the ideal amount of gas.

PARTS AND SERVICE: Our highly qualified technicians at Yankee Ford in South Portland provide exceptional service in a timely manner, from oil changes to transmission replacements, to buyers of both new and pre-owned cars. Our certified dealership uses only original Ford Motorcraft replacement parts and supplies.