How long in real estate

I’ve had my license since last October. I had been doing some real estate investment since 2014, and that sparked my interest in entering the industry full-time.
In my previous career, I was a pharmacist specializing in oncology. Since real estate is also about helping people, as in finding houses, it was a natural transition.

Geographic base

I work primarily in Greater Portland – I just had a Gorham property go under contract in three days – but I’m heading up to Lewiston this weekend to see a house, and I’ve just been down in the Berwicks. So “Southern Maine” is appropriate, too.

Maine’s appeal

I’m originally from the Midwest, but I’ve been here since 2007 and it’s been a pleasure to discover what Greater Portland has to offer. Good-sized, with a small-town feel, diversity, and a lot of amenities and a really great sense of community. Traveling around, I love to hike in the mountains to the west, but my wife, Sarah, and I have small children (Esther, 4; George, 2) so our destination these days is more like the Maine Wildlife Park.

On the market

It can be frustrating for buyers. There’s a lot of competition, and inventory is low. For those reasons, a condo instead of a smaller house is often a good option for downsizers to consider.

On Locations

I’m relatively new, and still learning, but it does help that I also manage properties, including single-family homes and multi-family buildings, as Frontier Property Advisors ( More than that, I benefit from the support and expertise of my colleagues. (Designated Broker) Edie Fontaine is on the Maine Real Estate Commission, and everyone has the local real estate knowledge and experience that is so important for a new agent.

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