We applaud the Cape Elizabeth Town Council’s recent work to help settle the ugly dispute in our neighborhood. The story line that the Shore Acres waterfront neighbors are making a land grab is 100 percent false. The path proponent movement leader has made it her life’s work to disrupt the lives of these neighbors. It’s impressive to witness her abilities to stoke the resentments many Cape residents apparently have towards those who look successful. No doubt, they’ll dispute any settlement number, as it would end this “movement” (who needs upgraded schools, anyway?). This movement has created a purpose for some people, and camaraderie gained in working with others on “a cause.”

In this particular case, there is so much accessible ocean space in Shore Acres (all of the beach and Trundy Point, and full use around Surfside Road), the idea of forcing another path (less than 1,000 feet) in front of these houses is both completely unnecessary, and completely mean spirited. I have lived in Shore Acres for 26 years. I walk daily and fish all summer. I rarely see any of the path proponents on the rocks and paths available, including before this dispute began. If they seldom use what is, and has been, abundantly available, why do we need another costly, thoughtless path now? The answer is simple: we don’t.

It is our hope that this settlement will end the dispute and the path proponents can perhaps refocus their talents and energy toward a cause that will benefit everyone.

Andrew Ingalls
Cape Elizabeth