Vote Ankeles for Brunswick Town Council

I’ve always been an independent, and, because of the work I do (Economic Development), I think a lot about attracting more businesses to our state and getting more people to start businesses. So when I found out Dan Ankeles was running for the open at-large seat on the Town Council, I couldn’t help but smile.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Dan as a friend for several years. But thinking back on some of the conversations we’ve had about politics and the future of our town, I feel confident we’d be in good hands if Dan were to win. We don’t agree on everything, but he’s a reasonable, practical guy who will go out of his way to help. He also admits it when he’s wrong, which, if you watch the news, isn’t really common anymore.

Because he works as a legislative aide, Dan understands the many moving parts that go into healthy economic development. He respects entrepreneurship, he thinks long-term, and he believes rightly that we can be more business-friendly while still respecting Brunswick’s history and environment.

If we succeed on that third part, the tax base will grow – something we really need right now with the property tax rate being what it is and some big projects on the way. The Council will benefit from Dan’s energy and expertise, so on Nov. 6 please join me in voting for him.

Brian Jones,


Ankeles would be advocate for homeless

I recently read an article about the Brunswick Town Council races, and I was glad to see that one of the at-large candidates, Dan Ankeles, mentioned that addressing homelessness is among his many priorities.

Dan recognizes that reducing homelessness is an important part of the town’s need to make Brunswick a more affordable community. I was glad to see that he attended the Council meeting where the homelessness task force presented its long-awaited report, and I hope he’ll get more involved if he wins.

We will be a better, stronger, and more successful community if we can help those who have lost their homes — and protect those individuals and families who are on the edge of homelessness. From what I’ve seen so far, Dan strikes me as the kind of conscientious and caring person who would be a good fit to work on this issue as a town councilor. I’m looking forward to voting for him on Nov. 6.

Natasha Goldman,


Support for Carson, McCreight

Since moving to Maine, we’ve watched the governor and some legislators use a battering ram on anyone who didn’t agree with them. But we’ve also been pleasantly surprised to see the dedication and commitment of our town’s state legislators.

We’ve talked with both Sen. Brownie Carson and Rep. Jay McCreight and they have shown us how committed they are to making our corner of this beautiful state great. Both are down-to-earth, Clean Election candidates who go out of their way to find consensus with their peers across the aisle.

In this age of extreme egos and partisanship, it’s refreshing to live in a part of Maine that has legislators who care about “us” and focus on the well-being of all Mainers — not themselves.

Connie and Philip Conner,