Your Sept. 30 Our View (“Kavanaugh has shown he doesn’t belong on court,” Page D2) is oh so typical of your editorial team. The bottom line is, you don’t want Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court. Period. And, the entire editorial hit piece is pure hyperbole in search of a conclusion.

First, Christine Blasey Ford was credible – says who? You, obviously. And, since your agenda is so clear, you are not a credible witness to who is credible in this case. I think it is actually incredible that she has any standing. Her claim stands alone, with no knowledge of exactly where the purported incident occurred and exactly when it occurred. And, those who she claims were at the party where the purported incident occurred have sworn no recollection of the gathering. This is less than “he said, she said.”

So, based on these facts (yes, facts, she confirmed these facts in her testimony), we are expected to expect that Brett Kavanaugh would just take these accusations like a gentleman: Just shut up and take it. Or, better yet, just shut up and walk away. Let these unsubstantiated claims destroy your reputation, your integrity, your life and your family.

And as for being nonpartisan, it is pretty clear who is out to destroy this man and his family: Democrats, liberals and the left. So, in your minds, it is not appropriate to fight back against those who are clearly out to destroy you? All for purely political reasons?

Your bias, and your Trump Derangement Syndrome, are showing. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t have a temper. He is simply defending himself against the most vile, despicable witch hunt in Supreme Court history. I applaud him for his restraint. I would tell you all where to go, and it would not be nearly as civil as what Brett Kavanaugh displayed Sept. 27.

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