Vote McCreight

When I was a kid, my grandmother was a Connecticut state senator known for working across the aisle. Women were rare in politics in those days. But people said of her, “Pound for pound, she’s worth three times her weight of any other senator!”

More recently, I’ve realized our local state representative Jay McCreight is “worth three times her weight,” too. In a polarized era, Jay has helped pass good legislation with enough bipartisan support to override the governor’s vetoes — including bills that help give low-income people access to healthcare services, address child safety in daycare, and more. Under her leadership, Maine’s Opioid Task Force worked — remarkably — by consensus, making wise recommendations on prevention, treatment, and law enforcement.

I would’ve voted for my grandmother if I’d been old enough to vote. Now that I’m a grownup, I’ll be voting for Jay McCreight in November. I hope you will, too.

George Simonson,


Two Strong Women   

We are lucky in Arrowsic to be able to vote for two strong women on November 6.  Eloise Vitelli, our current Senator, is running for reelection.  She has identified and worked on key issues for her constituents, like healthcare, managing land and sea resources, and building a healthy workforce.   I have found her to be a strong consensus builder.  I am a member of our local Select Board, and she has been responsive to municipal concerns that I have brought to her attention, and am grateful for her assistance.

Allison Hepler is running to represent us in the House.  As a municipal official, I have served on several regional committees with Alison.  I have found her to be clear headed, thoughtful, conscientious, and a good consensus builder in difficult situations.  I am delighted that she is willing to extend her energies into a wider geographic sphere and confident that she will serve us well.

Sukey Heard,


Vote Fortman

Although not a registered anything, other than a voter, I like to help out during election season, and I offered to chauffeur Laura Fortman around while she met and spoke with folks in Lincoln County in her bid to be our State Senator for District 13.

Two things about her resonated strongly with me. One, she has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.  I joined the Sierra Club back in 1993 when I was living in Antwerp, Belgium, a place that has the largest assembly of petro-chemical tanks in the world, second only to Houston, TX.  And after that hurricane down there, maybe Antwerp’s #1 now.  I’m still a member and anxious to help protect Maine’s most precious asset, our environment.

Secondly, she has led a sexual assault crisis center.  Currently I am a hot-line volunteer for New Hope for Women.  It’s not an easy task.  But I remind myself that if my daughter ever needed to make such a call, there has to be someone on the other end of that line.

Susan van Alsenoy,


Ankeles for Town Council

I’m very proud to be supporting Dan Ankeles for Brunswick Town Council (At-Large).

When I was on the Town Council, I got to know Dan as an active member of our community, and encouraged him to join the Recreation Commission.  After years of dedication and service there, he has decided to run for Council.

Raising two children with his wife Catherine, Dan understands the value of delivering a strong, well-balanced education for Brunswick kids and believes it’s essential to our future success as a town. He is also sensitive to the real concerns of homeowners who are challenged by higher property taxes, and so he supports senior property tax relief and taking more aggressive steps to grow the town’s tax base.

And in his day job as an aide in the Maine Legislature, Dan has gained valuable knowledge about state government. He can use that experience to guide and benefit Brunswick in the years ahead.  For example, one thing he is already working on is how to improve cell phone coverage, which would be a real improvement for residents and businesses.

Brunswick needs someone with his work ethic, energy and commitment to our town. I’m excited to vote for Dan on Nov. 6, and I hope you will be too!

Ben Tucker,

Brunswick School Board, District 2

Updegraph for Town Council

Sande Updegraph has lived in Brunswick for almost twenty years and has been involved in our town affairs for almost as long. Sande has been on numerous committees and boards over her years here, so she is an all round person when it comes to knowledge of the Town of Brunswick affairs. She is a very honest person, is open to new ideas, and listens to what town residents are saying to her. Sande is for town growth, a good education for all of our children, and supports rent and property tax relief for our senior citizens that want to stay in their homes as they age. I feel that she would be an excellent addition to the Brunswick Town Council as an At Large Council Member. I am supporting her as I feel she has many good ideas and would make us all proud if elected.

It is up to all of us to get out and vote on Nov. 6t If you can’t get to the polls, you can always contact the Brunswick Town Clerk Office and request an absentee ballot as everyones vote does count.

Jean Powers,


Re-elect Carson

Those of us in Freeport and Brunswick are fortunate to have an advocate looking out for the health of all Mainers in Brownie Carson. Although only his first term, Senator Carson has actively worked to improve health and make Maine better for all of us. He led the fight to ensure we have a sufficient number of public health nurses who are often the front line in their communities to identify and prevent disease. He has advocated for funding for school-based health centers that are good for students and their busy and stressed parents. Brownie is committed to ensure our environmental policies are good for Maine’s beautiful land and waterways and protect our health. And he cares that all Maine people have health insurance so they can be productive workers, parents, and citizens. Brownie is a thoughtful, passionate and articulate voice for health for all Mainers and deserves our vote in November.

Karen O’Rourke,


Re-elect Daughtry to the House

I am writing to urge everyone who lives in House District 49 in Brunswick to get out and vote for Mattie Daughtry. She is a hard-working, intelligent and forward-thinking young woman who in her six years working as our legislator in Augusta has ably represented her hometown of Brunswick and has been responsive to her constituents. As a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, she has been particularly active in education issues. Her sponsorship of a bill that can help ease the burden of student loans through tax credits for people trying to make a living in Maine has not only been successful, but Mattie has gotten the attention of the national media, being interviewed for a series on education on the PBS Newshour, where she explains this new tax credit program, while working at her own local business, Moderation Brewery.

We need Mattie to continue her important work in the Maine House of Representatives, so please vote for Mattie (Matthea) Daughtry!

Susan Brown Stoddard,


Elect Gale for DA

Please join me in voting for Jon Gale for Cumberland County District Attorney on Nov. 6. Jon has been a good friend of mine for over twenty-five years since we first met in law school. As such, I’ve come to know his family, character, values and work habits well. He has great energy and enthusiasm, as well as intelligence and humor, and will bring leadership and vision to the office. He cares deeply about protecting our community and addressing in meaningful, reform-minded ways the scourges of opioid abuse and domestic violence facing our community. I had the privilege of previously serving as House Chair of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee. As such, I worked closely with judges and prosecutors across the state and understand the challenges they face with limited resources and overwhelming case loads. Jon will be a fantastic DA. He brings important, lengthy experience as both a former prosecutor and a current criminal defense attorney. We are fortunate to have a candidate of Jon’s caliber and I urge you to join me in supporting Jon Gale for DA.

William Norbert,


Vote Tucker

In the days of negative partisanship that forgets reasonable discourse, it is refreshing to be able to support a gentleman who conducts himself with reason, openness and concern.  Ralph Tucker is a candidate for the Maine Legislature, House District 50, Brunswick.

When I have a question about the upside down nature of current politics, I ask Ralph to help me understand what it is and how it can be put up-right again.  His thoughtful approach is always helpful.

Ralph’s career as an attorney included aspects of family law, criminal law and a specialty in workers compensation.  Later he was appointed Judge of the District Court.   That appointment plunged him more deeply into family law, domestic difficulties and many more issues.

As a legislator in the last two sessions Ralph became interested in protecting the environment.  He was central to the successful change in laws affecting mineral mining.  Those changes will aid in reducing damage to our streams and waterways.

For the future Ralph intends to aid in expanding health care, improving badly needed public schools’ funding and to fund the property tax “Circuit Breaker” program to help low and fixed income homeowners.  He also will continue his focus on environmental protection for Lakes, waterways and the air we breath.

For all these reasons, Ralph has my support and my vote.

Geoffrey Evans,