“This is the first age that’s ever paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one.”
Arthur C. Clarke, British science fiction writer and more

At this point in my life, I just want to have fun. Truthfully, I haven’t been having much fun lately because I have had too many medical appointments, including five in November. The only way I can remain sane is to have fun, and I hope writing this column will be one of those experiences. Those few who really know me realize one of the things I enjoy doing is making crazy predictions about politics at any level. Since the elections are almost settled – except of course where Maine is experimenting with the fuzzy attempt at ranked choice voting and in the state of Florida where voting corruption has the appearance of becoming a normal event – it seems other events are almost invisible or maybe a better description is unrepeatable.

At the national level I expect politics as usual with perhaps an increase of nastiness. With Democrats gaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives, expect more decisions coming from the courts rather than from Congress. Maybe President Trump deserves it after tweeting that he might cut aid off to the areas of California devastated by forest fires. Probably the best thing that could happen to this nation is for the president’s wife to take a hammer to his cell phone. I see absolutely no hope of either political party ending the farce that has only been getting worse every year. It’s too bad the recent elections didn’t clear every one of them out office for good. I call that pollution control.

In Augusta, only God knows what is going to happen, but I expect within one year Maine’s rainy day fund will be penniless and we will be facing a tax increase of some type. Be careful of the Democrats; they use the term “tax reform” and when it comes to that I expect the so-called reform will be a tax increase. If Gov.-elect Mills allows it, then she lied to all Mainers. I state that because all of her promises of making health care cheaper and more funding for education come at a cost and that money has to come from somewhere. Beware of another thing as well, the thought of increasing taxes on tourists rather than us. The problem there is we will also be faced with paying those higher taxes although those in Augusta pretend that wouldn’t happen.

Maybe we will be lucky in Maine and all of the taxes collected on marijuana will pay for everything with a surplus that allows the state government to lower all other taxes. Yeah, right, as if that will ever happen. With the spenders now in control, every dollar they can get from us the better. Maybe I would agree if that includes free food, fuel and with vacations as well. That is, as one could imagine, if we are not so stoned that we can actually function on a day-to-day basis. I just wonder if Maine has enough sources of electricity to support all of the marijuana growing establishments across this state. Please don’t watch videos of the Maine legislators in session, it just may be shocking enough to cause a heart attack to conservatives.

In Windham I expect the unexpected, if that makes any sense at all. I believe we will see a serious malfunction of civility that has never been witnessed in the past, at least since I moved to Windham in 1999. The first Town Council meeting after  the election was scheduled for this past Tuesday, and since this column has to be in Monday I am just guessing, or predicting if you will, what is going to happen. Personally I really hope and pray that it doesn’t become as nasty as I believe it could.  Only God knows and only time will tell for the rest of us.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham predicts the Democrats in the U.S. House will attempt to impeach President Trump.