GRAY—With the fall seasons behind us, and the winter seasons still on the horizon, now is an opportune moment to direct our attention to the Patriots’ top performers of late. G-NG reeled in a number of conference-level awards this trip ’round the sun.

Boys Cross Country
WMC First Team – Will Maines

Girls Cross Country
WMC Second Team – Erica Schlichting
WMC All-Academic – Abigail Chandler, Darcy MacLean, Olivia Morelli, Erica Schlichting, Emily Terranova, Lillian Wilson

Field Hockey
WMC First Team – Madelyn Cote
WMC Second Team – Madison Post
WMC All-Academic – Emily Hargreaves

WMC All-Academic – Cam Andrews, David Arata

Boys Soccer
WMC First Team – Jake Kackmeister
WMC Second Team – Brannon Gilbert

Girls Soccer
WMC All-Conference – Alexa Thayer, Abby Ross, Bri Jordan

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G-NG standout keeper Brannon Gilbert played a critical role in ushering his boys to a playoff berth this fall.

Madelyn Cote careens upfield in G-NG’s regular-season bout vs. mighty Freeport.