When Spectrum changed its service to an all digital platform, the Windham community TV channel disappeared from its usual place on channel 7. If there was any notification about where the channel would be relocated, I didn’t see it either from the cable company or the local paper. Considering the importance and relevance of continuing to watch the Windham Town Council meetings, I searched and found it on channel 1303. I suspect there are others in the community who might not know where to find this channel, so hopefully this information will help.

Along those lines, I’m also hopeful that something can be done about the practically inaudible volume levels on the rebroadcasts of these meetings. When tuning in to a rebroadcast, it’s impossible to hear the audio unless you turn it up to full volume. Not only should you not have to do this under normal circumstances, but forgetting to turn it back down before changing to another channel can be quite a jolt to your eardrums and possibly even damaging to your speakers.

I appreciate the councilors’ service to our community, and would like to see coverage of these meetings be available to all residents without the above mentioned obstacles.

Andrew Pal

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