An Overnight Low includes Mac Coldwell, Sam Anderson (bottom), Chad Walls and Chris Mayo. The band is releasing a new single this week, ahead of their new album expected out in 2019. (Courtesy photo)

An Overnight Low will release their new single, “Galileo Chains,” Friday, Dec. 14 from their forthcoming album “Connolly, Part 1” due out in 2019.

The single will be available to fans as a free download (for a limited time) on their Bandcamp page, An Overnight Low will has announced this as a surprise gift for the holiday season.

“Galileo Chains” was written by Biddeford resident Chad Walls and performed by An Overnight Low: Sam Anderson, Mac Coldwell and Chris Mayo with special guests Ryan Dolan and Mike Maurice. It was produced and engineered by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo; mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway; artwork designed by Kaylin Beck; and photography by Jim Pappaconstantine.

The music of An Overnight Low is based on a journey, one that has inspired a trilogy of travelthemed albums. Delayed at Heathrow airport for nine hours and facing another six on his flight home for Christmas, Walls pulled out the pictures, videos and interviews he had collected over the past year while studying at The University of Manchester in England. Over several cups of Costa Coffee, he organized the scattered items in folders on his laptop while waiting for his flight. The year of distance had provided an objectivity, which soon allowed him to recognize common themes in unrelated moments. These collected events now spoke with a new voice – new stories took shape in the form of songs.

Walls’s songs have been divided into four studio albums, each named after one of the four train stations he frequented most: “Euston” (released 2014), “Piccadilly” (released 2015), “Waverley” (released 2017) and “Connolly, Part 1” (to be released 2019). An Overnight Low is the band that Walls formed to help bring his songs to life, both in the recording studio and on the performance stage. To highlight their live show, they also released “Live: Local Motives” (released 2018).

The first release of the trilogy, “Euston,” debuted in 2014 to favorable reviews. Ben Meiklejohn of Mainley Media observed that “Euston” “sounds like R.E.M. would sound like if they were downgraded from being a spectacle arena-rock band to being a small folk-rock band performing in a café.” Mark Curdo, DJ for WCYY and a contributing writer for Maine Magazine, says “Euston” “delivers vintage, old-school college rock from back when college radio was at its finest.”

“Euston” also received positive reviews in the UK. One track from that album, “Goodnight, Portland,” was named Single of the Week on Salford City Radio, and members of An Overnight Low are regulars on David Gray’s Punk Monk Show on 94.4 FM Salford City Radio.

“Piccadilly” debuted at No. 1 on Bull Moose’s “Top 10 Local Releases” when it arrived in November 2015, and also received positive reviews. With producer/ engineer Jonathan Wyman once again at the helm, “Waverley” finds An Overnight Low exploring new sonic landscapes. Lyrically, “Waverley” continues where “Piccadilly” left off, exploring old ghosts and demons in the city of Edinburgh. This time around, join Walls as he relates stories pertaining to the Edinburgh Fringe, spirits in a dwelling, street foxes, a “double-dose of iodine” and a city that, at least from on high, looks like the inside of a trumpet.

What happens next, now that The Overnight Low Express has finally entered Waverley Station? Rest assured, the band has not run out of steam. In the closing months of 2017 a new live album was released, “Live: Local Motives.” At around the same time, Walls began hosting his own radio show on Salford City Radio called, “An Overnight Low,” providing an opportunity to promote the band’s music, along with the music of other up and coming local artists. As 2017 drew to a close, An Overnight Low received a Portland Music Award, recognized as the city’s Best Rock Act by the readers of the Portland Phoenix. Acknowledging the award, the Phoenix stated “… Keeping with the train metaphors, An Overnight Low has proved they’re not just passing through; they’re here to stay.”

In 2019, An Overnight will be working with Pete Murphy Publicity in Dublin to begin promoting “Galileo Chains.”