Windham man charged
with manslaughter in crash

WINDHAM — Windham resident Manford Rideout has been charged with manslaughter in a crash Nov. 13 that killed 34-year-old Adam Clark of Augusta.

Police say Rideout’s flatbed tow truck crossed the center line on Tanberg Trail and hit two oncoming vehicles, including Clark’s. Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

A Cumberland County Grand Jury on Jan. 11 handed up an indictment against Rideout for manslaughter, aggravated OUI, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and violation of condition of release.

Rideout was arrested Nov. 14 and remains in Cumberland County Jail.

RSU 14 board vacancy
after Lydon steps down
WINDHAM — The RSU 14 School Board has a vacancy to fill after David Lydon was forced to step down when his wife recently accepted a job in the school system.
Lydon was elected in November with 33 percent of the vote.
The Windham Town Counci discussed at its meeting Tuesday night replacing Lydon with Marge Govoni, the third candidate in the race who was defeated by Lydon and incumbent Dawn Dillon. Govoni had been a School Board member since 2009.
The Council will vote next week on whether to appoint Govoni to the board.

New PWD requirement
for new construction

Portland Water District has updated its Cross Connection Control Program.

Effective Jan. 1, PWD now requires backflow devices on new residential construction, substantial renovations of buildings and internal plumbing systems and fire sprinkler systems that are being upgraded. This update aligns PWD with stricter EPA guidelines to further protect public safety, according to the water district.

Cross connections are physical connections between the drinking water system and any piping system containing a non-potable substance. Examples include irrigation systems, fountains and pools. Non-potable substances can enter the public water system as water pressure fluctuates. These backflows can be prevented by installing backflow prevention assemblies, which allow water to flow only in one direction.

                                              — Jane Vaughan