I was astounded by Cumberland’s suggestion to move the sand/salt and wood/compost facilities to a proposed location on Greely Road.

Greely Road is already in horrible shape and the road is posted for half the winter to prevent heavy trucks from destroying it even further. Our fleet of plow trucks, which easily exceed the posted weight limit, will get there how to get salt and sand when it’s needed the most?

Did anyone discuss this with the Twin Brook Advisory Committee?

The proposed property is uphill (steeply) and directly adjacent to the beginning of the East branch of the Piscataqua River. Do we really believe runoff from the compost (grass clippings, possibly contaminated with pesticides), salt and sand won’t end up directly downhill in the stream?

Does the town really need to move these facilities if in fact the school bus garage will likely be moving to North Yarmouth?

The proper location for such a facility that requires heavy equipment and tractor trailer access should be within a commercial or industrial zone; not in a rural residential zone.

This is just a terrible idea.

K.C. Hughes

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