I do not often have the occasion or need to drive through Main Street in downtown Biddeford. Today I did, and I am appalled at the street construction going on. I can only call this the duplicitous other shoe dropping from the master parking plan.

When the parking plan was laid out and explained to the residents of Biddeford by the City Council last year, they took pains to make it clear that on-street parking would remain free, if time limited. At no point did they say anything (that I’m aware of, and I attended the public info meeting at the High School) about taking away aproximately one third of the total spaces on Main Street between Franklin and Elm, including about half between City Hall and the McArthur Library. And last I knew, the huge lot at Pearl and Lincoln Streets is still blocked off.

It has become clear that there is no more doubt that the master parking plan implemented by the Biddeford City Council was done in bad faith and not to control parking, but to generate revenue.

Jeffrey Kaplan