Sandy Prince

SCARBOROUGH — Sanford (Sandy) Prince IV said he’s excited to get to work serving the students of Scarborough Public Schools.

“My role is to come in and continue Scarborough’s education projects,” Prince said. “And, it’s also to strive always to make things even better.”

Prince began his role as interim superintendent on Aug. 1. He previously served as the superintendent of RSU 14 (Windham/ Raymond) for 16 years. He retired from the position on June 30.

During his 39-year career, he has worked as a special education teacher, a principal at the elementary and middle school level, a director of special services, and a curriculum planning administrator.

Scarborough’s superintendent seat has been wrought with controversy since 2018. Interactions between previous superintendent Julie Kukenberger and former Scarborough High School principal David Creech, who resigned from his position, divided the community. In November of 2018, four new board members, endorsed by a group which sought to have Kukenberger removed, were elected. Kukenberger announced her planned resignation at the inauguration of the board members.

Kukenberger said she resigned to allow the board to focus its energy on doing what’s right for its children. Now, the board has refocused, and Prince sits as superintendent. He said his job is all about serving students well.


“I always work from the premise of what’s good for students,” Prince said. “Scarborough has a great reputation for its education, and I hope I can continue to build on that.”

In addition to his role as superintendent of schools, Prince is also the president of the Cumberland County Superintendent Association and an instructor at the University of New England.

“The board is confident that Mr. Prince’s skills, accomplishments and experience are the right fit for Scarborough based on the input we received from staff and community members,” Scarborough Schools said in a press release.

As the semester encroaches, Prince is scheduling opportunities to meet with staff, parents, and the community.

“I’m trying to meet and greet people and listen to them to gain their perspective on the district as I transition here,” Prince said. “I’ve already had the good fortune to visit the schools and look at the facilities.”

One project for which Prince is passionate is the assessing of the state of the elementary schools.


“They’re aging,” Prince said. “I want to continue the conversation of how we want to move forward in addressing that.”

Prince said he is most looking forward to meeting staff on their return to schools August 26. “People come back rested, excited, and upbeat. It’s a great day.”

Prince said the Scarborough public school team is strong, with deep interests in the lives of students.

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