It was a beautiful Maine autumn four years ago when I developed such serious back and leg pain that I sought medical attention and treatment. First going to my primary physician that recommended a group of neurosurgery and spine experts. I was then sent to a clinic that did an MRI scan and determined I had arthritis and pinched nerves pressing my vertebra causing me excruciating pain. The next day I purchased a cane. The worst part was not only the pain but I looked like and felt like an old man. I had always taken great pride in my physical strength and abilities and had pumped iron most of my life. I was now a wounded man.

The back surgeons tried epidural steroid injections to no avail. Finally, I could not take the pain and asked what else could be done? After months the surgeon told me that they could do a laminectomy. The procedure was a routine one (so he said) where they trim the tongue bone part of several vertebrae to release the pressure on the nerves. At that point I would have done anything to alleviate my pain.

I said a lot of prayers and blindly proceeded. I was in and out of the hospital in two days and I felt 19 again. 

To my chagrin four days later my wife noticed fluid leaking from my back. I went back to the doctor and was told I had gotten an infection in the operating room and would have to go through the surgery a second time. The second time I spent seven days in the hospital. They redid the surgery and I went home with a back pump and pick line and spent the next eight weeks in recovery.

During my second surgery I woke up in a sweat from one of the most powerfully vivid dreams I had ever had. I witnessed my father and my ex-wife vigorously waving at me from heaven. My father had died 20 years ago and I had not seen or spoken to my ex-wife in over 25 years. The dream was so powerful when I got home from the hospital I decided to google my ex. With a great sense of foreboding I typed in her name. To my surprise her obituary came up and she had died the same week I had my surgery.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

God had sent me the message. It was clear. I still had some things to accomplish here on earth and it reinforced my belief that there is a fine line between life and death, heaven and earth.

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