Since the first Mercedes-Benz and Ford cars rolled out of their respective factories almost 120 years ago, there have been thousands of books written about the cars that many owners so passionately embrace. If you are looking for a new read for yourself, or a gift for some other motorhead, here are two books published this past year, and one from 2016, that will entertain any auto lover.

Chevrolet’s Modern Performance Car; the Sixth Generation Camaro, by Larry Edsall

This well-documented history of Chevrolet’s popular Camaro uses a plethora of concise photos to give both casual and fervent Camaro fans the back story on the Camaro’s initial development, as well as focusing on the current sixth generation model.

Edsall takes the reader on a background tour of the adaption of the current Camaro from Cadillac’s evolutionary Alpha platform—essentially a crisp-handling four-door sedan becoming a lighter, more efficient chassis in this Camaro than in previous renditions.

Edsall carefully details the design process of each generation of the Camaro, all the way back to the initial 1967 creation, while featuring photos of the key characters and their drawings that depict Chevy’s muscle car development. He also captures the periods when the Camaro’s future was less than bright, and how countless GM managers worked behind the scenes to keep the Camaro in production.

Now using four distinct engines, ranging from a new turbo-four to a V-6 and two V-8 engines, the current Camaro is sold in Europe and other markets. Camaro’s are once again built in the USA too, in a former Oldsmobile plant in Michigan.

With obvious support from GM, plus excellent photos throughout, this chronicle of the Camaro is much more than a coffee-table book, but a keepsake for any fan of Chevy’s famous pony car.

Boss Mustang: 50 Years, by Donald Farr

This Mustang biography focuses almost entirely on the legendary Boss Mustang’s produced over the past 50-years. Written by Donald Farr, long-time editor of Mustang Monthly Magazine, the author shares his voluminous records on all things Boss—from the various aftermarket companies involved with this special Mustang to the people responsible for keeping the passion alive.

From the first Boss Mustang in 1969—the infamous 302-powered Mustang’s used in SCCA Trans-Am Racing—to the current Boss trim packages, Farr takes the reader to Riverside, to Dearborn, to Daytona in his tales of Boss racing, Boss development, and Boss styling. You get to read the stories about the legendary drivers, the behind-the-scenes engineers, as well as the product planners that kept the Boss philosophy alive.

As above, you don’t necessarily need to be a Boss Mustang fan to enjoy this piece of history, as the background perspectives displayed in both books—the why’s and how come’s—are invaluable to discerning automotive fans.

Never Stop Driving: A Better Life Behind the Wheel, by Larry Webster

“With driverless cars on the horizon, it’s worth celebrating the fact that for many people there are enormous benefits to simply taking a drive in the country or getting dirty under the hood”, is the lead premise to this car enthusiast book created by Larry Webster, a former editor for Car & Driver magazine. Joined by other enthusiasts such as entertainer and car aficionado royale Jay Leno, Mainer/actor/race driver Patrick Dempsey, plus infamous race driver Mario Andretti, Webster’s book details the highlights of driving, traveling and being immersed in car culture.

For many of us, the car still is a path to scratching the itch. This book is a reminder of why you like to drive, what there is to savor about the experience, and why humans of a certain ilk remain passionate about an otherwise inanimate object.

“Never Stop Driving shines a light on why we find these machines so captivating, offering inspiration and validation, and finally inviting the curious who haven’t made the leap to get in the car. Let’s roll.

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