Are politicians exempt from Do Not Call List

To the editor,

For the fourth time in as many weeks I received a political text message on my cell phone. “Hi Ralph. It’s Lisa with the Betsy Sweet for US Senate campaign. We’re gearing up for the new year and we wanted to check in.” Oh nice I thought, it’s so nice of Lisa to check in on a disabled person in a wheelchair in Old Orchard Beach wondering how I am? Then she goes on to say “if the election were held today, will Betsy be your first, second or third choice?” Seriously? Who the blazes is Betsy Sweet, and why does she have my cell phone number?

Congress made sure that the National do not call list law, did not include phone calls from any political candidate, convenient, wouldn’t you say? Can you believe it?, for the past four months we have been inundated with political ads on radio and TV, and here we are 11 months to go until the national election. There’s no way to watch the evening news without being forced to endure at least half a dozen 30 minute to one minute of political BS! We cannot even watch a YouTube video without seeing someone running for president! I suspect we will see a gradual increase in political advertising, including “Betsy Sweet”, as we head into November. It is bad enough we see it in the media, couldn’t they just leave our cellphones alone?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a National do not call list for all political candidates?

Ralph Duquette
Old Orchard Beach

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