In regards to “College debt a broken promise to students” (The Maine Millennial, Jan. 19):

The author implies that maybe it is not her fault that she is so burdened with college debt. Perhaps it is the bank’s fault for loaning her the money, or the government’s fault for not erasing her debt. And yet, it is she who made the choice to accept these student loans.

The author earned a bachelor’s degree from Smith College at $49,000 a year, and a master’s degree from Simmons College at $38,000 a year. The University of Southern Maine’s in-state tuition this year is $9,200. This is a four-year college degree for under $40,000.

Perhaps it was the conspicuous name of “Smith” that enticed her. Truth being, ultimately it is not the name of the school embossed in gold that brings you success, but the motivation and hard work that you bring to the task you have chosen.

A “loan” is something furnished on the condition that it be returned. If you know the debt, and you choose the loan, then it’s your responsibility to return it. In the real world, there is no magic wand. People are held accountable for the choices they make.

Make no mistake – the cost of college is a choice.


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