To the editor,

When a candidate for public office has raked in millions of dollars, we’re told that the candidate is winning.

When a candidate hasn’t raised as much money as his or her competitor, we’re told that the candidate is failing to connect with voters.

When a candidate chooses not to accept money, we’re not told that the candidate even exists.

There is something very wrong with this picture.

We can change that by electing candidates who measure success based not on how many dollars they’ve received, but on how many voters they’ve listened to.

One such candidate here in Maine is Tiffany Bond. She’s running for the United States Senate. She refuses to accept any money. Not a single penny. Instead of fundraising, she engages in what she calls “Maineraising” by encouraging Mainers to buy from local businesses and donate to local charities — keeping Mainers’ money in Maine instead of sending it to out-of-state advertising firms and political consultants.

Instead of spending other people’s money, Tiffany spends her time listening to real Mainers like you and me, answering our questions and offering real solutions to the challenges we face — rather than the vague talking points and feel-good platitudes offered by most politicians.

I hope you’ll take a moment to get to know Tiffany Bond. Find her on social media. Talk with her. Ask her some questions. (She’ll answer
them). Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Green or independent, I think you’ll be as impressed by her as I am.

Adrian T. Dowling
South Portland