What’s on tap for Arundel, Kennebunk and Kenenbunkport for 2020. Courtesy Image

Sen. Susan Deschambault, who represents the District 32 towns of Arundel and Kennebunkport has announced 2020 projects planned by the Maine Department of Transportation.

As well, there are projects planned in Kennebunk, which is part of Senate District 34, represented by Sen. Robert Foley.

The DOT released its three-year work plan in January. The plan includes all capital projects and programs, maintenance and operations activities, planning initiatives, and administrative functions for the next three years. DOT officials said the plan contains 2,051 individual work items statewide, with a total value of $2.59 billion, consisting principally of work to be delivered or coordinated through the DOT, but also including funding and work by other transportation agencies including airports and transit agencies.

DOT commissioner Bruce Van Note in a forward included in the work plan, said it essentially a two-year plan, spread over three years, for a variety of reasons.

“This year is not typical. Due to cost increases arising from workforce challenges, work constraints, and other factors, making the old projects whole has required an extraordinary amount of funding” said Van Note. “Therefore, even though total estimated funding will increase (largely due to increased levels of federal competitive grant funds), higher unit costs will yield substantially lower levels of capital project production in terms of miles of paving, numbers of bridges, etc. Accordingly, this Work Plan largely consists of spreading what used to be two years of capital projects over three years to stay within funding and cost constraints.”

In Arundel, part of Senate District 32, $450,000 has been earmarked for a one-mile project on Route 111, beginning at Route 35 and extending east to Thompson Road.


As well, ditching is poised to take place on Log Cabin Road from Route 1 to Sinnott Road, about 3.1 miles, at an estimated cost of $50,000.

Arundel also benefits from a Route 111 project that begins in Biddeford on Route 111 just west of Mariner Way, extending .65 of a mile. The project continues about .04 of a mile east of Drews Mills and extends west 9.25 of a mile to Alfred, about .06 of a mile east of Route 202.

The DOT lists $42,008 in local road assistance for 2020.

In Kennebunkport, also in Senate District 32, there were no specific projects in the work plan, but the DOT notes $43,376 in local road assistance for 2020.

In Kennebunk, the state DOT plans to resurface half a mile of Route 35 (Fletcher Street) starting on Route 1 and including the roundabout. Estimated cost is $205,000.

Work is also projected for .89 of a mile on Depot Street from Water Street, extending south. Cost is estimated at $89,000.

The DOT estimates an additional $154,532 in local road assistance to Kennebunk in 2020.

To view the work plan, visit https://www.maine.gov/mdot/projects/workplan/.

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