Stop wasteful political TV ads

To the editor,

Everyone agrees TV advertising is out of control. There are way too many ads and most are run way too often. The FCC used to have limits on ads and needs to put the restrictions in place again.

Currently, during the horror of this COVID-19 pandemic, there are two sets of political ads that the competing Maine politicians need to re-think. Not only are the ads for Sen. Susan Collins and Sara Gideon incessant and annoying and most often falsified, they are also a waste of millions of dollars.

Instead of playing their childish campaign games of putting each other down, Collins and Gideon should do the honorable thing in these times and use that money to feed the many hungry and out-of-work Mainers and their families who desperately need help. Use the money for good, not to stroke their own egos and campaign desperately for office for personal gain.

Truly dedicated public servants would take the high road in these times; so far, the two candidates have chosen the low, annoying and wasteful road. This is the time to help people, not to engage in childish political bickering.

Dan Davidson

South Portland

Time is now to measure emissions

To the editor,

We are being told during these times of social distancing that the reduction in traffic on our highways and streets has led to reduced measurements of pollutants in our air. On days when the sun is out and people are out walking they can see how much clearer the sky seems as they breathe more easily and deeply of the cleaner air.

Wouldn’t it be a golden opportunity for the DEP to measure the actual emissions from the Global and other tanks that have been troubling those of us who live near them? Then we and the Global company would know just what they are contributing to the pollutants that have caused so much distress in our neighborhood and beyond.

The installation of a 24/7 infrared fence line monitoring system around the Global property with results available to the public in real time is imperative to the health of our community. Even today, with the over-all pollution reduction, those of us who live near these tank farms are experiencing noxious odors and difficulties with breathing.

I can assure you that nothing spoils the pleasantries of the first warm days of spring more than the overwhelming smell of asphalt and oil. Up to now it has been difficult to discern where the problem is coming from. So let’s measure the tanks while we know there is a pollution reduction from reduced traffic and see where the chips fall.

Nicholas Goldman

South Portland

Candidate knows way around Augusta

To the editor,

Anne Carney is the best qualified candidate for state Senate District 29 (South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and a portion of Scarborough). Anne will be an effective spokesperson and advocate for our communities. We’re fortunate to have an experienced candidate to succeed Rebecca Millett, the state senator who has done such a good job representing our district for eight years, the maximum allowed under Maine’s term limit law.

As a current member of the Maine House of Representatives, Anne already knows her way around Augusta. She knows how the state legislature functions. She has sponsored legislation, participated in debate, and served on committees. This sort of experience is particularly important in a state with term limits – Anne can be an effective legislator as soon as she takes office; she does not need a learning curve.

In addition, Anne’s temperament and accomplishments demonstrate that she is someone who will listen to other points of view and work effectively across the aisle. We can take pride in our Maine Legislature where representatives from both parties often resolve differences and support bipartisan legislation to benefit Mainers. What a contrast with Washington. Let’s elect representatives who will continue that approach to governance.

Please join me in voting for Anne Carney for state senate on July 14.

Natalie West

South Portland

Candidate supports environment, food cupboard

To the editor,

Sari Greene is the perfect candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Maine State Senate for District 29 of South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, and parts of Scarborough. Her background, skills, values, experience, and priorities are an excellent match for getting Maine back on its economic feet after the pandemic while continuing to promote a healthy environment.

Sari’s ideas on social and educational issues appeal to my own experiences as a 37-year public school educator (27 years in South Portland) and 15-year social activist for GLSEN. Sari has long-term professional experience in technology and cybersecurity and has designed and implemented training for thousands of employees to enhance their job skills.

She is a staunch champion for both the environment and an involved volunteer and advocate for the South Portland Food Cupboard. Sari started the South Portland Community of Kindness to help those in need during this pandemic and provide the rest of us opportunities to make a difference. She is most approachable and a good listener. I am extremely enthusiastic about Sari’s candidacy and am asking you to vote for her in the primary on July 14.

Susanne MacArthur

South Portland

Keeping jobs in Maine is ‘paramount’

To the editor,

Several years ago, my new life partner and I decided we wanted to begin our life together in Maine. While Kansas has its beauty and charms, it was time for something different.

But as I started looking for work in Maine, I ran into a problem that many experienced professionals and Maine college graduates encounter: there are few professional-level jobs in Maine. Plenty in Boston, just two hours down the road, but Maine? Tough find.

So it was with elation that I found a small company called Sage Data Security. Here’s a company that served the cyber security needs of financial institutions and healthcare organizations throughout northern New England. And for a small company it had great benefits. Fully paid medical, three weeks vacation, 100 percent match on the 401k, educational benefits, and – get this – two paid days off for community service.

The founder of that company? Sari Greene, now running for the State Senate District 29. Sari grew Sage from a one-person shop to 50-plus employees before she sold the company to Tyler Technologies here in Maine. Which meant keeping the jobs in Maine, an issue of paramount importance to Sari.

Creating good paying jobs, servicing clients, and caring for the community at large – these are Sari’s attributes that will serve the residents of South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough well. Please join me in supporting Sari Greene, a proven business entrepreneur and community activist, for Senate District 29. For more information, visit

Andy Chandler

South Portland