Appreciate efforts of DEP

To the editor,

As a citizen of South Portland, a parent of an elementary school child, and a home care provider in South Portland, I want to express my support and appreciation for every effort the DEP is making to end the dangerous pollution that the people in our community are exposed to.

I am most concerned about my son, the children in my care, as well as all the elderly folks in my neighborhood. I happen to live nearby the Betsy Ross House and I have several elderly neighbors … we all have to breathe these toxic fumes. The tank emissions have multiple toxic chemicals and we have been shown that the resulting cumulative effect is more damaging than a single chemical exposure.

David Falatko, an expert on environmental engineering, has proposed a new method for emissions testing and control. His proposal identifies how, with two limited modifications, the proposed equipment would be able to directly measure as well as treat the toxic emissions coming out of the heated tanks. The heated tanks are viewed as being responsible for the largest portion of the total oil tank emissions. This seems like a sound solution to me.

Now, more than ever, as we all struggle through this dangerous and uncertain time, we would be very grateful for all your efforts.

Martha Baldwin, director/lead teacher
Little Tree Preschool
South Portland

Candidate has ‘knack for finding common ground’

To the editor,

I have come to know Anne Carney as a strong community leader, a seasoned legislator, and a friend, which is why I am endorsing her in the July 14 Democratic primary to be our next state senator in District 29.

As a Maine science educator for over 30 years, many of them here in South Portland, I have taught my students that the ability to cooperate is crucial to moving forward, to making real progress. It may seem a simple concept, but working together demands that a person be a strong communicator, demonstrate genuine empathy, understand many perspectives simultaneously, and have a knack for finding common ground and forward-looking outcomes that benefit all. Anne Carney exhibits the very best of these traits.

I’ve also learned that Anne pairs her gifts of empathy and collaboration with a resilience that gets things done. Three years ago Anne came to an AP class of mine to speak about her pro bono work on behalf of migrant farmworkers, work that required her to be both compassionate and tough.

That toughness, it became clear, derived from her sense of what was morally right: here were people who were often treated unfairly and did not have access to our legal system. Insuring them legal protections and a living wage required the kind of committed, determined, resilient leadership that Anne brought to the Maine legislature.

Anne has always supported public education. She has coached teams when no else would. She has volunteered as a classroom parent. She has worked to enhance my fellow teachers’ collective bargaining and striking rights. This is particularly important to school districts far from Cumberland County where recruiting and retaining talented teachers is often the only hope for economic success. Anne has also helped countless families by co-sponsoring a bill assuring that all students get healthy meals at school regardless of their ability to pay.

Anne is a forward-thinking leader, a resilient and collaborative legislator, and a person deeply dedicated to the education of Maine’s children. I hope you will join me on July 14 and vote for Anne Carney.

Hal Kingsbury

Cape Elizabeth

Candidate ‘committed to the common good”

To the editor,

I write in support Anne Carney’s (D) candidacy for the Maine State Senate in District 29, representing South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough.

Times like these make it clearer than ever, how important it is to have people in our state legislature who are able to introduce and get legislation passed that improves the well-being of the people of Maine. especially in crucial areas such as the environment and healthcare.

Anne is committed to the common good and protecting our most vulnerable community members. Her problem solving
abilities, combined with her ability to listen and work well with people, have made her an extremely effective legislator in the Maine State House of Representatives.

I have been most impressed with how thorough and comprehensive Anne was in preparing and sponsoring LD 2033. This bill insures that when oil tank facilities close, they will be financially responsible for cleaning up toxic sites and removing the tanks and equipment so the land can be repurposed for residential, commercial or recreational uses. Anne has demonstrated an ability to work across the aisle, resulting in the bill being passed and signed by Gov. Mills.

Anne’s accomplishments in the legislature has also included the elimination of foam food containers, working on affordable healthcare for children, insuring affordable postpartum care, providing protections for pregnant workers, helping veteran workers, and preventing financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

I’m going to vote for Anne Carney for Maine State Senate in the July 15 primary and hope you will too. You can apply for a mail-in ballot

Roberta Zuckerman

South Portland

Candidate is ‘inclusive, good listener’

To the editor,

As a resident of South Portland, a native Mainer, father, husband, and concerned citizen, I urge everyone to support Sari Greene’s campaign for Maine State Senate District 29 – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough.

As our nation continues to suffer through a generational crisis of historic proportions, we need leaders who we can rely on and trust to compassionately tackle economic uncertainty and public health challenges in a responsible manner. Simply put, there is no other person I would want to advocate on behalf my family than Sari Greene.

I had the opportunity to work alongside Sari at the cybersecurity firm she founded and witnessed the dedication, drive, and passion she consistently brought to the table. What really set her apart was her persuasiveness and ability to gain support from stakeholders, allies and adversaries for a cause. She is inclusive and a good listener.

I can attest to Sari’s disciplined work ethic that was always on display with an intense focus and determination. If we’re going to make demonstrable progress on a number of key issues that will affect our collective futures, it’s imperative we elect a candidate of Sari’s caliber.

In order to create a more just and balanced way of life, we need to elect officials who conduct themselves with integrity and a strong sense of purpose. Sari will work tirelessly on our behalf to bring about the kind of change that is meaningful and will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Brendan D. Travis

South Portland

Candidate is ‘tireless advocate and volunteer’

To the editor,

We are supporting Sari Greene for the Maine Senate to represent District 29, Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and part of Scarborough. Sari is new to politics, but not new to Maine businesses or community organizations. We have known Sari for years and are excited she wants to dedicate her many talents to serving our community and state. Sari is an entrepreneur and an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert.

She founded Sage Data Security and grew the company to a national success. She is a tireless advocate and volunteer for literacy, and service organizations such as the South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club, South Portland Food Cupboard and Hands-Across-the-Sea.

Sari’s platform is straightforward. Stabilize, recover, and grow the Maine economy by removing innovation roadblocks, encouraging entrepreneurs and capital investment, and supporting our small business community. Invest in our future by implementing renewable and affordable energy options, assuring broadband Internet access to all, offering recent graduates who are in service jobs student debt forgiveness, making health insurance portable, investing in public education, and boosting the Rainy Day Fund.

We are thrilled to support Sari – she is smart, tenacious and a proven leader. She will get things done. Please learn more at

Kathy Barber and Mark Dvorozniak

Cape Elizabeth