Maine has a ton of quaint downtowns, each with its own unique character. See if you can recognize these cities and towns by their main drags.

1. You can spot shots of this downtown in the 2014 mini series, “Olive Kitteridge,” based on the novel by Elizabeth Strout. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer


2. This quaint downtown is the heart of Maine’s smallest city by area. Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal


3. There’s only one way to get down this city’s Main Street. Rich Abrahamson/Morning Sentinel


4. An aerial view of this city across the river from its slightly larger twin. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal


5. This city shares its name with a much larger one in Georgia. Kennebec Journal photo by Joe Phelan



6. This is the downtown of what’s nicknamed “the city of ships.” Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer


7. This college town’s downtown was once the site of a very revealing march. David Leaming/Morning Sentinel


8. People have a surprisingly hard time pronouncing the name of this city. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer


9. This very walkable downtown is a destination for vacationers in the summer and snowmobilers in winter. David Leaming/Morning Sentinel


10. This downtown gets swarmed with cruise ship passengers. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer

ANSWERS: 1. Camden, 2. Hallowell, 3. Waterville, 4. Auburn, 5. Augusta, 6. Bath, 7. Farmington, 8. Saco, 9. Greenville, 10. Bar Harbor