It doesn’t grow on trees

To the editor,

There’s never enough money, it seems, unless the Republicans are up for a tax break. Do you remember it, two years ago, the 1.5 trillion-dollar tax cut, the rising tide that would lift all boats?

The ink on the thing was barely dry before President Trump was telling his wealthy associates, “I just made you guys a lot of money.” Indeed, he did and, despite promises to do great things for working America, they kept it for themselves, buying back stock and lining their pockets.

But who could fault them? Who wouldn’t take advantage of a good thing? Such a treasure this president is — a benefactor for the ever-so-needy super rich.

True, the president never saw the pandemic coming. None of us did, despite warnings from the scientific community that such a thing was out there somewhere and possibly overdue. Not to worry, though, because the president doesn’t believe in science; and just to prove the point, he disbanded the NSC’s pandemic unit.


So here we are. Millions are out of work, the economy — a consumer-driven economy — is in free-fall and, after providing early relief for everyday people, the president and Republicans in the Senate have drawn tight the purse strings.

Their reasoning? Further relief is too expensive and it will only provide incentive for people not to go back to work. So, yes, if you’re a Republican and the support is not for you, money does not grow on trees.

John Forssen

Remember and support our first responders

To the editor,
As we approach Sept. 11, I hope you will take a moment to remember and honor the 2,977 lives lost that awful day, including the 412 first responders who died in the line of duty. Please also keep in your thoughts those first responders who are sick or have passed away as a direct result of their exposure to environmental hazards caused by this horrific attack.

The lives of these heroes were needlessly lost and their loved ones forever scarred. I have firsthand knowledge of the dedication of first responders, having been an FBI Agent on 9/11/2001, and close enough to the Pentagon to hear the blast and feel the ground shake as Flight 77 crashed into the building. I personally know FBI Agents and other first responders who lost their lives in the years following due to cancers as a result of their work at the crash sites.

For the last six years, I’ve had the honor of working alongside first responders in Kennebunk. These are special people who choose to make sacrifices and risk their lives to serve and protect the people in this wonderful town. At a time when some communities are attacking the police, I hope you will support our courageous first responders, whether they be police, firefighters/rescue, or the medical community.

These are dedicated professionals who will always answer the call to help people in need, whether it be caused by terrorism, pandemic, or other emergencies.

Todd DiFede

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