Friday and Saturday set high temperature records in Portland. Saturday’s high of 74 degrees is particularly impressive; it ties the warmest temperature ever recorded in Portland in November. It happened previously on:

• November 1, 1974
• November 4, 1987
• November 1, 2003

Add November 7, 2020 to that list, too. These are the records set across Maine on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Lots of broken records Saturday. NEWS CENTER Maine

Bangor and Augusta also set record high temperatures on Saturday.

The record highs do not stop here, though. Monday looks possible in Portland. Currently, I’ve got Monday forecast to reach 68° at the jetport. That’s within a degree of the record.

Tuesday looks pretty surefire at this point. I’ve got a forecast of 72°, solidly above the old record of 64°.



If it sounds like we talk about record warmth a lot more than record cold, it’s because we do. The graphic below was provided to me (meteorologist Mike Slifer) by Climate Central and highlights the difference in record high temperatures and low temperatures set for each decade in Portland. The timeframe is from 1870 to present.

Thanks again to Climate Central for the data. Climate Central, NEWS CENTER Maine

The trend over the last 100 years has shown that warm records are being broken more often than cold records, especially over the last two decades.

For the 2010-2019 decade, warm records outpaced cold records by roughly 6 to 1. In other words, 6 warm records were broken for every cold record.

Similar trends exist across Maine and the United States.

So, how does this all play into the forecast? Let me show you.

Forecast disclaimer: hunting season has begun and warm weather tends to bring people outside. Remember to wear orange if you go into the woods.


Monday starts off with fog. By noon, sunshine returns and the wind shifts to be offshore. High temperatures will be able to sky rocket and climb into the mid to upper 60s for most – about 15 to 20 degrees above average.


Tuesday will be even more impressive. Record warmth with widespread high temperatures in the 70s is on deck. This is all accompanied by a light breeze and a lot of sunshine. Enjoy!


Again, these forecast high temperatures could end up being the warmest on record at quite a few climate sites in Maine and New Hampshire. Toasty Tuesday for sure!


The cold front approaches Wednesday. Ahead of it, Maine gets another day in the 60s. Clouds will steadily increase through the day.


The cold front passes Wednesday night and slows down as it reaches the coastline. Showers start after dark and linger into Thursday morning, especially at the coastline.


Some lingering showers are possible Thursday, but conditions will generally improve. High temperatures will be noticeably cooler, with most topping out in the 50s.

Expect it to be more seasonable by the end of the week. NEWS CENTER Maine

The skies clear out for Friday and Saturday. It looks like a seasonable, sunny end to the week and start to the weekend.

Showers are possibly back for Sunday. Let’s get through Wednesday before we dive into those details, though.

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