PORTLAND — East End Community School Eighty switched to fully remote learning for this week after five people in three  households tested positive for COVID-19. The cases over the last week resulted in 80 people being required to quarantine.

“Due to the number of contacts and staff quarantining, EECS will be closed to in-person instruction from Monday, Jan. 11, through Friday, Jan. 15,” the school district said in a Jan. 10 press release. “Students and staff will transition to fully remote learning during that time.”

The roles and grade levels of those who tested positive were not released.

According to the district “while an outbreak designation does not require a school closure, the combination of the high number of close contacts and the number of staff required to quarantine led the district to decide to shift EECS students and staff to remote learning.”

Community partners providing childcare to East End Community School students will also be closed this week, but meals will be available for students at the three high schools in the city from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The goal is to have the school reopened to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 19.