I am writing firstly to sing the praises of all our US Postal Service workers.

Now that the holiday season is behind us, I just want to say how grateful I am for the dedication and hard work that they all put in to deliver everything it took for us all to have as happy a holiday as we could.

They have had many impediments thrown in their way, starting with a pandemic and topped off by an agency head who seems to be bent upon crippling their operations.

Nevertheless, they appear to have overcome these.

I live close to our Brunswick post office now and can tell you that I witnessed first hand as they worked 24/7 to deliver our holiday cards and gifts.

I’m sure that the same praise is due for all the UPS and FedEx employees, who also had to work doubly hard under difficult circumstances.

While I’m giving thanks today, I also want to mention how lovely the holiday lights look on Maine St. Special thanks to everyone who made that happen. I am especially glad that they are being kept on in January, which is just as dark a month as December is.

Thanks be to all!

Kay Mann,

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