A scene from “A Glitch in the Matrix.” Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

‘A Glitch in the Matrix’
Streaming through Feb 28. Via Strand Theatre, $12. rocklandstrand.com
For a real head trip of a documentary, grab a ticket and stream “A Glitch in the Matrix.” Are you really sure that this is the real life and not just a simulation? Filmmaker Rodney Asher takes a deep dive into that question as he uses science, philosophy and conspiracy theory, along with interviews with humans who hide behind digital avatars. Fans of the “Matrix” films, as well as anyone with a wild sense of curiosity, will love the ride. Buckle up because Oz is going bye-bye, and there is no spoon.

317 Main Community Center and Royal River Community Players present a virtual cabaret on Friday night. Dashadima/Shutterstock.com

‘Love is: A Cabaret’
7 p.m. Thursday and Friday via Zoom. $15. royalrivercommunityplayers.com/love-is-a-cabaret
317 Main Community Music Center and Royal River Community Players present a virtual love-themed, cabaret-style show featuring scenes, songs, poetry and modern dance. So, be ready for a fun night in as you hop on Zoom for all the merriment. What good is sitting alone on your room? Plenty, chum, if you catch this show. You don’t even need to put down the knitting, book and broom, although once the show starts, we bet you’ll be happily glued to the screen.

A still from the Sweded version of “No Country for Old Men.” Image courtesy of Row House Cinema

Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re-Creations
Streaming starts on Friday. Pay-what-you-can, suggested minimum $3.99. rowhouseonline.com
Row House Films presents a hilarious collection of low- to no-budget homages to well-known films. The Sweded Film Festival received many entries and chose a dozen for this hourlong presentation. These films are one of the pandemic’s silver linings, and you’ll see short, hilarious takes on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “The Wizard of Oz,” “No Country For Old Men,” The Lighthouse” and the Talking Heads concert film “Start Making Sense,” among others. The ingenuity is downright inspirational, and the creativity will blow your mind. The concept of “Sweded” films was inspired by Michel Gondry’s 2008 film “Be Kind, Rewind,” during which a pair of video-store workers create brief and bizarre remakes of famous films which touched off a fad that’s still going strong.

Step Afrika! Photo by Jati Lindsay, courtesy of Portland Ovations

Five Days with Step Afrika!
Friday through Feb 21. Streaming via Portland Ovations, pay-what-you-can tickets start at $10. portlandovations.org
Portland Ovations invites you to get up off the couch for a series of five classes with Step Afrika!. They’re the world’s first professional company wholly devoted to the polyrhythmic, percussive tradition of stepping, which creatively uses the body as an instrument. The five episodes are performances that use songs, storytelling, humor and, best of all, audience participation. Enjoy them in numerical order or anyway you’d like because you’re guaranteed to learn a lot while breaking a mid-winter’s sweat.

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