I have issues with the article by Abdi Ifitn (“Today’s America is unrecognizable,” Jan. 8). First of all, Mr. Ifitn is very young and has no knowledge of American history. He should listen to Dinesh D’Souza, who knows more about American history than most Americans do.

I do agree that this is NOT the country I grew up in, but I’m 77 years old. I have watched this country, under Democrat policies, descend into a country I don’t recognize anymore. I was in high school at the height of the civil rights movement and it was nothing compared to what Obama has caused. Racism wasn’t the excuse for every single thing that offends someone. Until his presidency, racism wasn’t the excuse for everything like it is today.

I have watched progressive ideas turn this country into an immoral, decadent country that I refer to as the “Anything Goes Society.” Violence for children is entrenched into every aspect of their lives. There is hardly a movie that isn’t pure violence. I walked out on a movie (that I didn’t pay to see) “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” I came in at the end of the previous showing and what I saw repulsed me. A guy was shooting someone with a weapon that shoots blasts of fire and the guy fell into the swimming pool. It wasn’t long after the movie started that I left in disgust. The other movie I didn’t pay for was “Bad Moms.” If the f-bomb was taken out of the script, there wouldn’t have been any dialogue.

I grew up in a gentler time when there were wholesome movies that instilled values. There were war movies, but they weren’t nearly as gruesome as what they show today. My recommendation for Mr. Ifitn is that he read “Capitol Hill in Black and White” by Robert Parker if he really wants to learn about racism. I would like to hear back from him after he reads it.

Diane Robinson