SACO — Due to the recent reduction in COVID-19 cases in Maine and York County, the Dyer Library has reopened.

Social distancing rules are in effect inside the building, including a 20-minute time limit per person and 20 maximum capacity of people capacity limit.

Library Rules include:

• Library hours will remain the same. Our hours are listed here:

• Only 20 people will be allowed to enter the library at a time. Visits will be restricted to 20 minutes.

• – There will be no computer access,no use of the photocopier, and the restroom will be closed. Please plan ahead.

• Face masks are required. This applies to both staff and patrons.

•  Sanitize your hands when entering the building. A sanitization station will be provided. This is to ensure safe browsing of library materials.

• Do not send your children to spend the day at the library. Everybody will be restricted to a 20-minute visit.

• All children’s and adult programs are currently suspended until further notice, including art classes, clubs, Deering Room meetings, etc.

• All returned materials will be “quarantined” for 72 hours. This means any materials that you put on hold will not be available right away. This sanitization period may be shortened over time.

• Do not enter the library if you are sick or show any symptoms.

The Dyer Library/Saco Museum is located at 371 Main St. in Saco.