As a lifelong Freeporter, I want to tip my hat in thanks to Doug Leland for his thoughtful piece supporting the March 9 bond for bike/pedestrian accommodations on the I-295 overpasses in Freeport (Mallet Drive and Desert Road). He frames the bridge funding issue as one of rebuilding community by reconnecting both sides of our town. That is exactly right. If you talk with some of Freeport’s elders, they will tell you about the many different ways folks could cross town before the interstate was constructed.

A quick look at Google Maps tells the same story: Check out Kendall Lane or Elm Street or Meeting House Road. Each of these pathways connected earlier generations of Freeporters to all parts of town. While it is not possible to reconnect all of these lost transit points, the construction of multi-use paths at Mallet and Desert to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists would go a long way towards enabling new generations of Freeporters to walk, bike or jog to all of the great resources we have in our community – on both sides of the highway. I encourage Freeport voters to join Mr. Leland in his support of the March 9 bond to reconnect our community.

Eric Horne