Saco councilor that community members

To the Editor,

Residents of Saco, I want to thank everyone who contacted me with regard to the Planning Board/ZORS recommendation for a Medium Density Residential zone for the Lincoln Street area over a R5MU. Your passionate views were well represented, helped shape this decision and showed the power of the people. I have promised to be your voice in this process and now hold up our vote as evidence of that commitment. We were able to accomplish this … together. Moving forward there are many other issues affecting our community that we need to look at, especially with regard to the Long Range Planning Committee, so as always I encourage you to reach out and contact me at 207-590-1581 or if you have email at [email protected] and let me know what you want to see for Saco’s future.

Jodi Mills-MacPhail

Thanks to Jim Godbout for donation

To the editor,

In these times of COVID stress, economic uncertainty, and food insecurity, it is humbling to have local businesses in the community come out in support of nonprofits in this time of need. The Saco-Biddeford area is lucky to have Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating as a driving force and example of a business who truly gives back to the community.

The staff and volunteers of the Biddeford Food Pantry were the recipients of Jim Godbout’s kindness and community spirit through the recent installation of two high efficiency heat pumps and plumbing repair to fix a catastrophic frozen water pipe problem, which ran into thousands of dollars.

Being a nonprofit, operating on donations, money is always a concerning problem and so when the pipes burst this winter the thought as usual is how to pay for the work. Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating donated not only the frozen pipe repair but also the heat pumps so the staff can work more comfortably.

We at the Biddeford Food Pantry would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim and his workers for a job well done. We feel truly blessed to have this kind of community support and could not do our work without it. Thankyou Godbout Plumbing and Heating.

Don Bisson-Manager
Biddeford Food Pantry

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