At Curaleaf Maine, you know that we’re committed to delivering top-quality products with exceptional customer service. We take pride in supporting our local growers to bring you Maine-cultivated flower and other Maine-made products. And while it’s to be expected that we support our cannabis community through plant advocacy and education, you may not realize that we exist to support our greater community, too.  

2020 needs no exposition. While Curaleaf Maine has been supporting local food drives, animal shelters and other fundraising initiatives for over four years, this year called for something bigger. With the pandemic in its early stages, we provided lunches for our front-line employees for three months. We also treated Central Maine Medical Center’s frontline workers to lunch to show our appreciation.

As food insecurity skyrocketed, we donated 400 meals to local families through Curaleaf’s national effort to “Feed the Block.”

In addition to our work with the Veterans Cannabis Project, we further supported our local veteran community with free MedCard events, as well as a $5,000 donation to the Maine Veterans Project.

“The last year could have shut down our entire operation and destroyed what we have built, as a team, for the last five years. But it didn’t.” said Shawn “Doc” Goodwin, Founder and President of Maine Veterans Project. We had caught up with him recently to ask how this donation impacted our local veteran community.

“Every single day we pour our hearts and souls into our work and the individuals we serve. When tragedy struck and so many took a seat, we will forever be thankful to those that led the charge and helped us help a record number of veterans.”

“So we absolutely must thank those that stepped up when there was a need in our community,” he added with enthusiasm. “Companies such as Curaleaf—right here in Bangor—that surprised us with a substantially large donation that not only helped us but propelled us into projects we had initially denied.”

As Curaleaf grows, our ability to support our local communities grows, too. The work being done in Maine serves as a wonderful example of how we’re contributing beyond the cannabis circle in every state we serve.

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