When you think about fixing climate change what images come to mind? Do you think that your job will be eliminated?

Or do you think about Biden’s promise that old jobs will be replaced by new opportunities?

I can’t tell you what to think, but I can suggest that new visions will be had by people who are willing to risk. People don’t want taxes, but recognize that we need to do something radical to thwart climate change.

Carbon Cashback is a daring program that follows basic laws of economics. That is, if the price of a product goes up, people will use less of it (think cigarettes). Carbon is in gas, oil, natural gas and coal. Thus, if a price is placed on carbon, which together with oxygen is warming our planet, then everyone from single people on welfare to Bill Gates will use less of it.

The money that is gathered from this price will go into a pool and everyone will get the same amount of cash back each month in a check. People who spend less on carbon will effectively get more money back. Sixty-six percent of households, mostly low and middle income, will come out ahead. And people who are wealthy, and who spend more, will spend a small percent more of their income.

Eventually, consumers will redirect their dollars and start saving for things that will help them use less carbon. Electric cars and solar panels come to mind. But even if consumers cannot afford these devices, then they will be participating in an economy that will stop depending on fossil fuels. Electric companies, for example, will quickly swerve into more sustainable methods of production.

So Carbon Cashback is a vision, both effective and affordable. Ask yourself: Isn’t the future worth it?

Jill Standish