Remember June? Yea, that was nice.

Yes, we needed some rain, but the scales have officially been tipped. Mold and other fungus issues may begin to pop up and grass allergen counts have been increasing thanks to all of the rain.


Here’s the rain so far this month. Note: this does not include the rain that fell Sunday, due to the way data is entered into the National Weather Service products. Portland is actually pretty close to 6″ of rain for the month, with Bangor approaching 6.5″. Unfortunately, I cannot get the updated data until the climate products are released by NWS.

Portland is running a pretty large surplus of rain. Typically, July is the driest month each year.

With such a large, we’re wicked wet relative to a normal July, but still pretty wet relative to any month out of the year.


Monday will be another cool day this month, with increased cloud cover and passing showers.


The highest chance for showers will be along I-95. These will be hit-or-miss in nature, so there will be some dry time in the day.

There might even be a few breaks of sunshine in the afternoon!


Tuesday will be a bit more typical of a summer day, with sunshine in the morning and temperatures approaching the low to mid 80s.

Humidity will be climbing, too, so it will feel a bit sticky in the late morning.

With Maine sandwiched between two fronts, expect showers and storms to fire in the afternoon. The severe weather threat looks fairly low, but there could be a stronger storm in the mix.


We get to do it all again on Wednesday.

The morning will be a bit cooler, though, with more clouds and possibly even a few showers.

In the afternoon, another round of showers and storms will pass. Again, the severe threat looks pretty low right now, but there might be a stronger storm or two that gets mixed in.


Could it be?

A day that’s just dry and sunny?!

It is!

Thursday will be a seasonable day, with lower dew points and a bit more sunshine. At this time, Thursday looks totally dry from start to finish. Highs will be near 80 degrees.

Unfortunately, Friday takes a turn for the unsettled.

Maybe we will end up drying out for the weekend.

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