Rockland-based singer-songwriter Annie Gallup released the album “Oh Everything” in the beginning of August. If you’re a fan of acutely descriptive, masterful songwriting, you’ll want to hear this entire album. It’s moody, intricate and you’ll lose yourself in the scenes and people Gallup shares stories of.

One of its many standout tracks is the opening “Magic Saved Me.”

“George stares to the middle distance/Jonathan has words for everything/Mary Ann offers no resistance/I’m a bird with broken wings,” sings Gallup.

Gallup also released an accompanying video to the song, and you’ll sometimes see the lyrics scrolling by while Gallup paints black birds on a canvas. Like everything else Gallup does, it’s an entirely engrossing piece of art. Be sure to keep an eye on those birds at the end of the clip.

Here’s “Magic Saved Me:”

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