Thanks for pumping brakes on ordinance

To the editor,

The South Portland Dog Owners Group would like to thank the South Portland City Council for its foresight in moving to strike the portion of ordinance No. 3-21/22 Section 3-19 C that would have required that “any dog not licensed in South Portland must be on a leash.”

The council listened to our calls for a more thoughtful and deliberative process by voting to hold a workshop to create an ad hoc committee to study this issue. We hope that this committee will engage in thorough fact-finding, listen to stakeholders on all sides of this complex problem, and explore all alternatives that can result in mutually agreeable solutions.

As always, SoPoDog reminds dog owners that off-leash access to our beach and parks is a joy, but also a privilege. Keep these areas clean, safe and fun for all by being responsible pet owners and observing South Portland’s dog ordinances.

To stay informed on this issue, please contact [email protected]

South Portland Dog Group

Invitation to Age Friendly South Portland presentation

To the editor,

Hi, neighbors. It is me, Maxine Beecher, former city councilor and present-day beekeeper, and I want to invite you to a presentation organized by Age Friendly South Portland. We are an ad hoc committee of the South Portland City Council. Our main focus is helping our older residents live safely and happily in our community.

On Friday, Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. at the South Portland Community Center, we are hosting an outdoor presentation featuring your neighbors and health experts to teach ways of preventing falls as we age. Then, on Saturday, Sept. 25 beginning at 9:30 a.m., we are hosting a three-part event.

First is an opportunity for your fall risk to be assessed, second is to visit vendors who might be able to help with preventative strategies and, third, is to participate in a walking event with information available about pedestrian safety. People who are healthy and vibrant now can learn ways to decrease their fall risk as they experience normal changes of aging.

We want you to stay healthy and vibrant – and there is much to learn and do.

In my youth, I was an avid horsewoman, and through the years remained strong and active. Over the last few years, I personally experienced a few falls that needed medical attention. My hobby, beekeeping, has sometimes put me at risk. But, like you, I never believed that I would have an accident or be at risk for falling.

How about you – have you had a fall or a close call to it? One time, I fell trying to carry two bee hive boxes down a steep hill. What I didn’t think about was that I couldn’t see over the top of those boxes to where my feet were landing. I caught my foot on a rock and fell forward, having my forehead land smack into those heavy wood boxes. I ended up with a concussion, which caused me many, many problems.

At our presentation on Sept. 24, I will tell a bit more about my fall experiences. As a member of Age Friendly South Portland, I have had my eyes and mind opened to ways to prevent my risk of falling – and I want you to hear this information.

Maxine Beecher

South Portland

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