Victoria Foley is forward-thinking mayor Biddeford needs now

To the editor,

Almost nine years ago, my business partner opened Elements in downtown Biddeford. Since then, we have witnessed Main Street’s steady — if not sometimes awkward, inconsistent, and imperfect — renewal over the years. As someone born and raised in Biddeford, I’ve lived through our City’s economic downturn, and I’ve also been part of its revitalization.

Biddeford is at an important juncture. We face new hurdles, and we have fresh aspirations, that require bold leadership from our City’s mayor. I know that Victoria Foley has the energy, the vision, and the experience we need now.

Victoria will prioritize a collaborative, community-centered approach to navigate Biddeford through our next set of challenges and opportunities, which include addressing our affordable housing crisis, inspiring residents and businesses to mitigate against the real effects of climate change, supporting our community of new Mainers, and working to implement a thoughtful Comprehensive Plan that will inform the City’s sustainable growth into the future.

I have a great deal of respect for Victoria Foley and, as a downtown business owner, I’m excited to see Biddeford evolve through its next phase of growth under her inclusive, strategic, forward-thinking leadership. I encourage you to join me in voting for Victoria Foley for Mayor of Biddeford this November 2nd at the polls, or via absentee ballot available through the City Clerk’s office.

Katie Pinard
Owner, Elements: Books Coffee Beer and Elements Coffee Roasters

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