Vote Foley for Biddeford mayor

To the editor,

Biddeford was built on the backs of hard-working, honest Franco-Americans who came to this seaside city in droves more than a century ago. While a lot has changed since then, as a local historian, I would argue Biddeford is just as vibrant today as it once was when my ancestors shopped, dined, and lived downtown. As the city continues to grow and evolve, we need a mayor who honors this rich history with forward vision for a sustainable future, which is why I am endorsing Victoria Foley for Biddeford.

I met Victoria when she relocated to Biddeford in 2016. The term Bidd-aissance had been coined by then, but with cautious optimism among lifelong residents as to whether the city would flourish. I was still accustomed to people actively avoiding the city that when people started choosing Biddeford as their new home, my curiosity was piqued. The influx of intelligent, entrepreneurial, passionate people like Victoria has largely influenced the shift that has made Biddeford a destination for many.

However, growth and change does not come without challenge. I’m supporting Victoria for the city’s next mayor because of her vision for sustainable growth will bolster our vibrant small business community, while also being mindful of affordability and transparency. She will honor our history while engaging the next generation of leadership in local government. Her forward thinking will champion Biddeford well into the future.

On November 2 (or by absentee before), I urge you to vote Victoria for Biddeford!

Emma Bouthillette
Author of “A Brief History of Biddeford”

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